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Abandoned: The Storyline

Concept art by Lente Artemieff

Abandoned is a historical romance novel. It has romance, pirates, combat scenes, balls, and royalty.

During the golden age of piracy, Gabriella Levine is a young pirate and quartermaster of the ship Celine. She is a strong-headed, ruthless pirate who places survival above any moral or logic. Her fierceness and skills are known throughout the seas. There is no attack, no move she could not predict—a pure genius of combat. Gabriella has an undeniable attachment to the sea, their relationship is explored throughout the novel.

One day, they decide to invade an island called Scenies Vie. The island is known for its wealth and exclusion. No ships are allowed on their shores, except for one supply ship, which arrives every season. During the attack, Gabriella becomes enchanted by the island's Duke Smith Williams; the two share an irrefutable bond. When morning rises, and the sun wakes her up, the mighty pirate finds herself abandoned by her crew. Forgotten, left behind on the enemy's island. The enraptured duke decides to take her in and help her survive. However, it is not easy to convince or transform the bloodthirsty, baleful pirate into an 18th Century madame. The pirate faces many hardships, different events, and obstacles that threaten her safety during the story, for if someone were to find out she is a pirate, they would have her hung. She learns to live within walls and adapt to the new customs, all in the name of survival.

The central theme of the story is the notion of home:

"One must not underestimate the importance of one's home, whether it is a house, a person, or the entire sea."

During the tale, Gabriella becomes torn between two places she refers to as home.

Another theme is acceptance: Though pirates are known as criminals, driven by greed, the story unveils the notion of the monster. Different characters, (Mister Jenkins and Luke Fidelis) within the novel illustrate how quickly one is to condemn another due to their title or values. Gabriella reveals how her hands' blood quantity is almost equal to those who gather and cheer as a man or child gets executed.

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