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Description: Gabriella Levine

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Concept watercolor for Gabriella Levine

Gabriella Levine is the main character of "Abandoned." Gabriella is the eldest daughter of Charlotte Levine and has an undeniable bond with her younger sister Anniess and her friend Vero. The three grew up together on the ship, named Celine. Their relationship and devotion to each other are explored in the novel. She could be considered as the "secret" weapon of Celine. Since the Captain is old, as quartermaster, she takes on various roles, and the crew obeys her voice and commands. Despite her young age, no-one desired nor dared to disobey her orders.

"Those ebony eyes. They almost seemed lifeless, holes in the eyes. Black like ravens which sore above, darker than the path leading to the mysterious seabed."

However, her eyes' most compelling aspect is the swirls of red, which waltz around the darkness.

"Tales were told that the red represented all the cold blood and shredded souls they had witnessed."

She is a strong-headed, courageous pirate who puts survival and life above everything. Her fierceness and skills are known throughout the seven seas, with no step or move she could not predict—a king of battle.

"The baleful Queen, rightful ruler of the waves."

However, this character's beauty is her absolute devotion to the sea and its unpredictable waves. Though many obstacles come in her way, including a handsome, bewitching duke, the sea still calls for her.

"If taking one life granted her the opportunity to sail across the sea, there would be no hesitation."

Watercolor, gown for (Gabriella) Celine Levine

On Scenies Vie, Gabriella is faced with an unknown feeling as she becomes closer to the duke. Though she has conquered many battles, killed multiple enemies, and stolen from thousands of innocents, his kind child-like heart and ability to see her beauty compels her. She begins doubting every emotion. Her cold-blooded heart begins feeling an unfamiliar warmth.

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