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Making my book cover!

Have a look at the video of how I made the cover:

Here is a quick post to show how I made my potential book cover.

The idea behind this cover is to hint at various themes within the book slightly.

I have always loved miniatures and creating stop motion. Therefore I decided to combine that passion with my novel and create a model set for the cover. The set is a replica of the drawing-room mentioned in the book.

"Paintings hung around the walls. Its ceiling rose high, accentuated by the rich red velvet drapes; anything within that room would signify a fortune for the crew. "

I painted several miniature paintings until I found the right design. One example represents the tattoo on the main character's shoulder. The other showed a raven (symbolic animal of Gabriella) with the ocean and a pirate ship in its eye. The bird also symbolizes land.

I then created a small studio, sowing long, red drapes, and painting warm colored walls. I made the hardwood floor, the easel, table, and stool out of different thicknesses and sized balsa wood. Pvc boards made the walls.

Thank you for reading!

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