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A ship named Celine

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The grand Celine travels through the seven seas, transporting Gabriella Levine's family and crew. The Captain of the ship is known as Captain Moss. Though the vessel is intact and still mightier than ever, it is revealed that Captain Moss began to lose sight of victories and action due to his old age. But with the watchful eye and strength of his quartermaster Gabriella Levine, he continues to lead the ship. The boat's name originates from a girl Moss encountered in his youth, someone he would never forget.

As said in a previous post, the novel delves into the importance of the term 'home.' Celine embodies the protagonist's home. Indeed, the vessel does not only hold her family; it also supplies her with a neverending exhilaration of freedom and adventure. Though Gabriella misses her people, it is Celine's creaking deck and the echo of the waves she longs for. If there would be a 'love triangle' in the novel, it would be between the duke, the pirate, and the sea.

The ship and its sea is a recurring element in the novel, even on land. When Gabriella is obliged to conceal her identity, she decides to call herself Celine.

On the cerulean waves, soaring against the current swayed a grand galley, dark wood with green grass and leached barnacles climbing all the way to the top of the crow's nest. Above the nest was the Jolly Roger.

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