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Description: The Duke Smith Williams

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

The duke of Scenies Vie.

His people and the community love him. Unlike Gabriella, who has an attachment to the sea, Smith does not feel that same connection to his land. He would give it up in a heartbeat to be with the people he loves. However, as the duke, he does have to maintain a role. A public social figure. The townspeople idolize him, for he is known as their 'perfect' leader and 'friend.'

His youth and open nature infatuated his people. He knew how to entice the crowd, keeping the town happy and productive.

None of the characters in the novel are perfect, especially the duke.

He has a child-like take on things. When dealing with his feeling for the pirate Gabriella Levine, he reacts childishly, responding to every impulse. This leads to some reckless decisions through the storyline.

His look on life is different from the protagonist. On various occasions, they clash. However, his immaturity also draws her in. It makes it easy for them to converse and for him to find amusement in her sinister actions. Though he is ignorant of pirates, and the tales he had grown up with displayed pirates as heinous beings, Smith sees the beauty in Gabriella straight away. It is not merely her beauty that ensorcells him, but her fierce and gentle heart.

Since he breathes wealth, he has lots of time to spare. Like most nobles, he delves intoliterature and the arts. Painting and poetry.

The feature the protagonist notices straight away are his penetrating turquoise eyes.

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