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The inner child

Abandoned is a story I wrote when I was 12 years old. After moving to a new country, I spent most of my days at home, creating my own characters and storyline.

During my Master's degree, I focused on the inner child through different art forms, including stop motion animation. Therefore, after ten years, I decided to reread my original word. Even though the spelling mistakes and cringe scenes made it difficult, the purity of a child's work fascinated me. Most 'artists,' once they get older, their main drive is to create work that would either please their audience or earn them the most money or exposure. The child, however, has that purity. When they write, draw, or even play with dolls, it is solely to create a universe and keep themselves occupied with their own characters and plots, the purest art form. That innocence is hard to find when one grows older.

Therefore, to honor my inner child within, I had decided to rewrite the story. Though it is impossible to write it the way I did, ten years ago, I decided to try my best and help 12 years old I to develop and bring the characters back to life!

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