My Lavender Bedroom

My Lavender Bedroom is a personal project, exploring the concept of the inner child and art, made during my Master's degree. I explored the concept of the inner child and the therapeutic benefits of art. The Lavender Bedroom is a mixture of stop motion animation as well as dreams made from a variety of old videos taken during my childhood.


"While I am writing this I observe a little demon trying to abscond my words and even my thoughts and turning them over into the rapidly flowing river of images, surging from the mists of the past, portraits of a little boy, bewildered and wondering at an incomprehensibly beautiful and hideously profane and deceitful world” - Jung

“The house, even more than the landscape, is a "psychic state. (...)"Asking a child to draw his house is asking him to reveal the deepest dream shelter he has found for his happiness. If he is happy, he will succeed in drawing a snug, protected house which is well built on deeply-rooted foundations. (...) If the child is unhappy, however, the house bears traces of his distress.” (Bachelard, 1957) Gaston Bachelard writes on Francoise Minkowska’s research. This connection is also undeniable even if the child never had a place to call ‘home.’ Though I am no longer a child, I tried to recreate my home through materials and film. Through my research, I have acknowledged that the topics which highly interest me are the ones of the child and their memories.


The Lavender bedroom is a short film that illustrates the young girl’s life and time spent in her bedroom. Nothing really happens at first. She reads books, does her homework, and plays with her toys. But then things begin crumbling. She grows sad, lonely, and then overcomes that heartache. In the end, she leaves her room. The room that once held laughter and security is now empty…

Throughout the film, there are three dreams. Each was edited with old home videos my mother would take. The first dream encompasses all different aspects of the child’s life most of which are set before her life in that particular bedroom. Then, a dream sequence of her deceased mother, as a turning point. Finally, an ‘homage’ to the childhood house which holds the lavender room. Showing how the once lively house was now empty, giving it an almost abandoned sensation. To my surprise, in the last dream, there is a more sinister, ghostly feel. I chose to have a POV, handheld camera position; the camera explores the house, from downstairs to my bedroom in black and white. During the shots, various color clips of my family and voices appear, creating that haunted atmosphere. Finally, as the camera enters the bedroom all turns to color… The girl wakes up.


“Down in the flood of remembrance, I weep like a child for the past.”

 D. H. Lawerence (Lawrence, 2002)


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